Camp Moonlight is proud to offer an expanded Award Program. Campers may apply for the following award opportunities*:

  • Academic Achievement Award - Applicants must have excelled academically AND/OR be participating in a gifted program from the last school year. A letter from the applicant’s teacher or principal stating the applicant is in a gifted or honors program OR a copy of the applicant’s most recent report card AND a letter of recommendation from a teacher or administrator must be submitted with the application.

  • Leadership Award – Applicants must demonstrate exceptional leadership in their school and/or community. Applicant must submit an essay describing his/her leadership role in his/her community or school and include pictures, news articles, or other supporting information about these activities.

  • Special Circumstances Award - Applicants in this category must have a letter from a teacher, administrator, or guidance counselor stating how the applicant would benefit from a week at Camp Moonlight. Application must also include a letter written by the applicant discussing how connecting to nature would benefit them.

    *If applying for one of the “expanded Award Program”, please complete the detailed requirements above and send all materials to no later than April 27, 2019

  • Financial Need Scholarships - These applicants must file an application with Women in Action (WIA) button below. Applicants in this category must either be in a low income family or receiving government assistance. To apply, send a letter from your child’s school principal stating the applicant is receiving free or reduced lunch at the school OR a copy of a letter from a government agency stating the applicant’s family is receiving government assistance (i.e., Food Stamps, Medicaid, HUD) must be submitted with the application. To apply, click the button below and submit your request by April 27, 2019.

  • Big Sky Works Program- Camp Moonlight and the Moonlight Community Foundation is proud to sponsor local families with a $100 deduction from camp tuition. See more HERE


The Harbor Kingston DeWaard Camp Moonlight Community Service Award






2015: Jayden Jacobson

Harbor deWaard was a shining light in Big Sky – a little boy who valued community service and helping others. An adventurous soul, Harbor loved exploring the bottom of rivers, the top of Lone Peak and everything in between.  He had a sweet, beautiful smile, a kind and caring heart, and was one of the brightest stars to shine at Camp Moonlight.

It is in that spirit that the Moonlight Community Foundation is honored to announce the Harbor Kingston deWaard Camp Moonlight Community Service Award! This will be gifted to one camper each session at Camp Moonlight. Full tuition will be awarded to the applicants who best demonstrate what community service in Big Sky means to them.

Applicants age 8-13 should submit an essay, and campers age 5-7 a hand drawn picture.  Winners will have their name placed on a plaque, be acknowledged in print and online, and will receive a Camp Moonlight cape to serve as a reminder of the little superhero in all of us. The 2019 scholarships will be available March 1st.  Please submit them to or deliver them to the front office of Lone Peak High School in care of Jeremy Harder.