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Jeremy was born in a quiet little town along the Delaware River in western New Jersey. Surrounded by farm lands, deciduous forests, meandering creeks and bass-filled ponds, Jeremy found an appreciation for the outdoors at an early age.

He moved to Big Sky in 2000 to accept a fourth grade teaching position and fell in love with the community, outdoor adventures and his classroom. Every spring he would take his class on a week long trip to Yellowstone National Park exploring ecology, geology, and the human condition. Now he navigates the Design and Technology world in middle and high school waiting for summer to arrive to meet all the campers.

His beliefs are centered around creating young stewards of the local ecosystem through this expedition, monitoring water health on the Gallatin River and offering weekly explorations in local wild areas. Developing a world class, outdoor education-based summer camp is among his life dreams.  The energy he brings and unique perspective to the outdoors will surely make this program an exceptional experience for all campers.



Tony has been a proud member of the Big Sky community for 15 years. He has been a part of the Camp Moonlight Team for 5 summers and looks forward to these two weeks of camp each year.

Originally from Ohio, Tony made the pilgrimage west to seek out adventure in the wilds of Montana. During his tenure, Tony has washed dishes, run a kitchen, bumped chairs, and still raft guides on the Gallatin River. Through all this, Tony found his calling in education and spends most of year as the Big Sky School District Social Studies teacher.  He enjoys good food, traveling and  spending his time playing outside. Whether it is soccer, fishing, biking or hiking, Tony loves being outdoors.  He has been married to his lovely wife Meghan for 7 seven years and they have one adorable fur child, a Golden Doodle named Freido.