Award Registration

Registration for the 2019 Session of Camp Moonlight opens May 1, 2019 at 12PM MDT.

Congratulations on being a Camp Moonlight Awardee Family! On behalf of Camp Moonlight and the Moonlight Community Foundation, we are proud to present your camper with a full scholarship. Your spots are reserved, and a link will appear on this page at 12PM MDT today, May 1 when we open registration.

If you have additional campers that are NOT awardees, please register them first to secure their spot(s).

REMEMBER- Your Award spot is already saved and will be waiting for you. Public spots are first come, first served. Click below for non-awardee registration.


Keep in mind, launching is a process. Please be patient as our team gets everything live, which could take a few minutes.

Our new registration system is designed to allow you to reserve spots for all your campers at the very first step of registration! No stress about getting in Kids two and three. Here’s what to expect.

  1. Step One- pick your spots. You can select multiple spots at once if you have more than one camper. Your spots will be held for you while you compete your forms. Remember, campers may register for one session of camp only. You can select session 1 or 2, bears, or otters/bobcats/wolverines. You can also select multiple spots in the same session and age group. Please be VERY careful to select the right session and age group! Space in camp is very limited and it is challenging for us to move kids once registration is full.

  2. Step Two- Complete your forms. Take your time, but remember that the system will time out after 15 min of inactivity. Some information is mandatory, but things like medical and insurance information can be uploaded later. 

  3. Step Three- Check out. This officially confirms your registration. Awardees are required to pay a $25 non-refundable administrative fee.


If you have an ACTIVE account, you won’t see Camp Moonlight listed in their program options until registration goes live. You can log in to your existing account or click the link that will appear on this page when registration goes live.